ViDi Ambassadors

ViDi is teaming with athletes, musicians and goal orientated people to empower, mentor and support the young talent. Everyone has dreams, goals and something to share. ViDi Ambassadors are there to help others on their own path.

Ronaldinho ViDi Ambassador
Jaqualine Fort ViDi Ambassador
Jon Brownell ViDi Ambassador
Kawika Kaui ViDi Ambassador
Lexi Hutchings ViDi Ambassador
Ian Gaines ViDi Ambassador
Foreign Figures ViDi Ambassador
Mason Moore ViDi Ambassador
Carlos Apdaly Lopez ViDi Ambassador
Kaleb Jones ViDi Ambassador

ViDi Local Legends

They are our inspiration, they are passionate and everyday they prove that it doesn’t matter who you are, you can do incredible things. We all have dreams and aspirations and we can help each other accomplish these goals by working together. ViDi Local Legends are out to make a name for themselves and help remind us that we all have awesomeness in us!

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