General Use

For Generation 2 Model:

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How to switch between picture mode

When the camera is out of its housing, push the button in the top left corner with the picture of a recording camera. A second button will pop up just to the right of it. This will give you the option of setting a timed picture and multiple shot.

 How to switch between video/car modes

When the camera is out of its housing, set the camera to video mode. Push the button right underneath the video setting and four new buttons will pop up. The one on the far left is normal video mode. The other three are different versions of the dash cam. You can set the auto splitting to 3, 5, or 10 minute video segments.

How to take a video

Make sure that you have an SD inserted and hit the top right button to record.

How to view your footage

Hit the play symbol in the bottom right of the touch screen. From there you can scroll between all of your videos and pictures. The same button will take you back to recording mode.

Can I record while charging?


Can I record while connected to a computer?


How do I increase audio quality

The waterproof housing can dampen the audio of your video. For best audio results, take the camera out while recording.

How do I change the date and time?

There is not a setting to change the date and time, nor is there a time stamp.

How is ViDi different from other action cameras out there, such as GoPro?

Other action cameras out there are designed (and priced) for the pros. They typically make great equipment. ViDi fills the need for a “People’s Camera.” They are simpler, more affordable, and still rad!

Which accessories does the camera come with?

The ViDi camera kit comes with a sticky mount, USB charger, car charger, selfie stick and an 8-gigabyte SD card. It also even comes pre-charged!

Does the camera come with a memory card?

ViDi camera kits come with an 8-gigabyte SD card. The cameras can also take up to 32 gigabytes of memory if you get a larger SD card.

Can it be used as a dash cam?

Absolutely. The camera can be put into dash cam mode where the video is broken up into 5 minute segments and when the SD card is full, the oldest segment is automatically deleted enabling “looping.” You can even take the camera out of the casing and leave it plugged in to the car for constant charging!

Can I use a mini SD card instead?

No, the camera is only compatible with a micro SD card.

Is the camera fully functional inside the waterproof casing?

There are two spring buttons on the casing that let you power the camera on and off as well as start and stop recording. The camera must be taken out to view footage or change from video to picture mode.

How waterproof is the waterproof housing?

The housing is waterproof up to 30 feet and floats in water! No bulky float foam thing required!

The camera is waterproof, but is it shock proof?

The camera is designed to be able to withstand substantial impacts while in the casing. While outside of the casing, the camera will not be well protected from falls or other impacts.

Can it take several photos at once?

Yes. Multi-shot mode is available within picture mode.

Does it have wifi capability?

Our cameras are not currently wifi compatible.

HD video takes up a lot of room on my computer. Is there an option shot in lower definition?

Yes. You can select between lower or higher resolution. You can also choose if you want to your pictures in 12 MB, down to 3 MB. There is no video compression on the video files.

How is the camera with stabilization and excessive vibrations?

The camera does not come with any stabilizers but some stabilization software can take care of that for you—as is free with youtube.


LCD Display

2” Touch Screen





Digital Zoom


External Memory

Micro SD


F/3.1 f=9.3mm

Lens Fixed

Wide-angle 140° FOV

Still Image Resolution

12 Mega Pixels, 8 Mega Pixels, 5 Mega Pixels, or 3 Mega Pixels

Supported OS

Apple, Windows

Image Sensor

5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS

Image File Format


Video Resolution

1080p(1920*1080) Pixels @30 FPS

720P (1280*720) Pixels @ 30 FPS

Video File Format


Built-in Microphone



USB 2.0 and HDMI

Power Source

Lithium 440mAh, rechargable

Run Time

90 Min





Water-proof Rating


Does the touch screen work in the waterproof case?


USB Cable Length

31.5 inches

Car Charger cable length

246.5 inches