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ViDi is making a name for itself. 



ViDi Cameras were featured on CBS’s hit TV show, The TALK, and you know that Sharon and the ladies know what’s up this summer.


Voted as one of the top 35 things to do this month by Cosmopolitan Magazine under, “Get The Shot.” Okay, kind of a huge deal. In their words, “ViDi cameras take pics and vids where smartphones can’t- even underwater.”

DUB Magazine

We get it, not impressed with the tipped hat from a women’s magazine? How ’bout you take it from some the manliest men out there, DUB Magazine: “The people’s action camera is for everyone who tries to enjoy life– from the world’s best athletes to the pajama-clad kid who just can’t get enough of sliding down the stairs in the clothes hamper.” Now we’re talking clothes hampers, and that’s pretty BA.